Monday, July 12, 2010

Don't seal up bee or wasp holes! You’ll be sorry!

Every summer, we get calls from homeowners with the same ol' story. "A few days ago, I had some bees drilling into the side of my house, so I sprayed them and then sealed up the hole. I thought that would take care of them. Now, I've got 1,000 bees in my bedroom and part of my ceiling is on the floor! I didn't know bees could eat through drywall."

This is such a common mistake that Griffin Pest Solutions gets these calls a couple hundred times each season from frantic homeowners who can’t even enter their home.

Attention homeowners! If you see bees, wasps, or yellow jackets going into a small hole in the side of your house or under the eaves, etc... but you can't see their hive or nest, DO NOT SEAL UP THE HOLE! These insects will find a way out. They are good chewers and the drywall in your home is easy for them to chew through. By plugging up their exit, you force them to look to find another way to escape. That usually forces them to chew their way inside your home and that puts you on the outside.

Be safe. When you encounter something like this, call a professional.


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  3. One nil to the bees I think!

    Bloody good I say!

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  7. Having wasps chew their way through my drywall into my home would be a terrifying and disheartening situation. I do spray wasps from time to time but I have never tried to seal them in. I am happy that I didn't have to learn this from experience.

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