Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Didn't think the pest management industry was green?

We know, it sounds counter-intuitive, a green pest control company in a green pest control industry? How's that even possible?

For starters, pest management has contributed greatly to the quality of life for just about everyone on earth. Insects and insect-borne diseases that were so common and so devastating to people in the past, have been greatly reduced, in some cases eliminated, by the pest management industry.

Certainly, our food supply would not be what it is today, without the actions taken by the agricultural industry to reduce crop loss due to insects and blights.

Now, we're faced with a new challenge; the recognition that we in the pest management industry have a commitment to not only improve the quality of life for our communities and customers, but a commitment to the sustainability of our communities and the environment.

It's complex, no doubt about it. Definitions for green, eco-friendly, and sustainable change based on who's talking, who's listening, who's buying, and who's selling. But that's not a reason to wait and see what happens, it's an invitation to become part of the dialog and ensure that our voice is heard.

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